Sculpt Crazy

A blog about all my current Work in Progress. I finished work a little early. I'd been up since 5am and started working at 7. So I thought a 4:40 knockoff was acceptable. Anyway, I thought I'd try my hand at sculpting with Greenstuff a bit more.  I'd been feeling a bit disheartened about GS... Continue Reading →


3 Ral Partha Dwarves

Today they arrived, not banging unceremoniously on the door as the Dwarven company did when introducing themselves to Bilbo Baggins, but flopping quietly through the letterbox onto the matt. Unlike Bilbo, I HAD been expecting the arrival of Dwarves, and I WAS excited to see them.  For these were not just any Dwarves these were... Continue Reading →

A gift from a friend

I asked my old mate if he still had his Warhammer figures and whether he'd sell them to me. Kindly he said he didn't want anything for them and gave me a carrier bag full. This amazing act of kindness was the gift that kept on giving because when I opened the bag, there were... Continue Reading →

Sculpting my first miniatures

So the year is 2018 and I have been wondering how come I never ever considered how miniatures were actually made. I mean it seemed obvious to me that they were cast from a mould but I guess I never really considered the effort that someone must have gone to create an original model to... Continue Reading →

Unboxing the old minis

After rediscovering a shit ton of Warhammer associated websites, mostly based on or around the concept of "Oldhammer". ie "old Warhammer".  I posted a couple of pictures on the Oldhammer Facebook Community   This lead to a couple of requests for bigger pictures. I promised to get the old figures out of storage and unbox them... Continue Reading →

Lead Figures are back in my life

It’s August 2018 and I’m a 44-year-old guy, from the Peak District in England. 6 months ago, I left Facebook, because I felt it had become too toxic and political. But running an online business I had to keep my account open to manage my client’s facebook pages. Part of “leaving facebook” led me to... Continue Reading →

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