Old Orcs 2020

Enter My Instagram Painting Competition – For #ORCTOBER

Its competition Time Guys and Gals!!!


To Enter…You must:

  • LIKE this Instagram Post.
  • Share with a Minimum of 2 others. (do this by tagging them..or click the plane icon and select from list)
  • Paint 1 x Metal Orc, (Goblins, Snotlings, Hobgoblins and lesser trolls are ok) *not Giant Ogres or Giant Trolls
  • Miniature Must be Oldhammer / Middlehammer (up to 1996) In an interesting manner.
  • Figures MUST be newly painted (starting pic must be posted).
  • 1 entry per painter – Let’s give everyone a chance
  • Use the hashTAGS = #oldorcs for your starting photo and WIPS
    and your final entry MUST BE tagged #oldorcsfinal

****** minis that do not have the relevant tag will NOT be judged.

Prizes & Sponsors

The winners will get an Oldhammerly Orcish Prize.. ( Prize info updated as we get news)
On Day 3 (6th September 2020) We have Confirmed prizes from the following companies.

#oldorcs 2020 sponsors

  1. Diehard Miniatures – Some Orc/Goblin Minis
  2. Knightmare Games – Orc Minis
  3. Scotia Grendel – Undead Orcs
  4. Warcolors – Set of Nostalgia 88 Inks
  5. EM4 Miniatures – Orc Miniatures or Dice
  6. Alternative Armies – Orc Miniatures
  7. Old School Miniatures – Miniatures
  8. Le Gab – 30 Euro Voucher / eBay store
  9. Little Soldier Company – Tenoch miniatures
  10. Sexy Orcs – Orc Artwork
  11. Morgue Miniatures  – Ghast Miniatures
  12. Bears Head Minis – Miniatures

More sponsors yet to be confirmed….


So far I have received….

Em4 Miniatures

Prepainted Orcs (Grenadier) with Dice and 5 Plastic Orcs.

EM4 Minis - Donated Prize
EM4 Minis – 5 Prepainted Orcs with 5 Dice & 6 Plastic Orcs

Morgue Miniatures

2 x Ghast Monsters, 1 undead, Female Dwarf Fighter and 1x Undead Female Gnome Ranger all cast in white metal.

Morgue Minis - Donated Prize
2 x Ghast Monsters, 1 undead, Female Dwarf Fighter and 1x Undead Femail Gnome Ranger

Oldman Paints / Ravening Horde

Fantasy Tribes Orcs (circa 1984). These were donated o me as part of a larger set by Graeme AKA Ravening Horde. They were duplicates in my collection, so now I offer them part of the prize.

Oldmanpaints - Donated Prize
Some Fantasy Tribes (1984) Orcs from my collection.

Sexy Orcs – Original Artwork

I approached Guy asking if he fancied donating something for the competition as Id spotted his brilliant Sexy Orcs Calendar before. He kindly donated this awesome original.

Sexy Orcs - Welcome to the horde

Bears Hear Miniatures – Selected Minis


Litle Soldier company – Selected Minis

10 Khamaí Warriors - The Little Soldier Company

Scotia Grendel – Selected Minis
Scotia Grendel - Undead Orcs Scotia Grendel - Undead Orcs Scotia Grendel - Undead Orcs and Scenery

Alternative Armies – Selected Minis
Torsion Catapult - Alternative Armies Orc Elites - Alternative Armies Orc Desecrators - Alternative Armies

Diehard Miniatures – Selected Minis
Undead Orc - Diehard Miniatures

Closing Date:

Midnight Oct 31st (UK time)

Good Luck!! And go for it!!!

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