Minifigs Skeletons / Zombies

These Skeletons (technically Zombies) that I snagged from eBay a while back... are hardly my best ever work. In my defence (excuse). The figures were very poor sculpts with hardly any detail left in the face, but I still thought they had a lot of character through the poses and wanted to have a crack... Continue Reading →

2020 A Year in & Out of Focus)

Wow, 2020 eh? What a year, not quite what most of us were hoping for I'm sure. In terms of miniatures painting though, it's not been too bad. The only negative things to crop up this year for me was that the price of minis on eBay went up quite drastically because he mo-fkin scalpers... Continue Reading →

#oldorcsfinal – Entrants and Winners

Greetings Oldhammerers. Here are the finished entrants for the #oldorcs 2020 completion. I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated and shared, commented and supported. Without further ado----- The Winners are: Third: Stresscrafter Second: Niklas Philstrom First: AsgardUK There were a few miniatures that I think deserve a special mention...they... Continue Reading →

Orctober 2020

Its Orctober, yes, I said ORCtober...or is it ORKtober...I never know. Ah well, I'll go with the first one.  I started this Orctober as a passive observer. Then I thought, what the hell,  I will paint something, then I got completely carried away and decided to run a painting competition. Aside from that though this... Continue Reading →

A Couple of Dwarves

Over the last year or so, the lead pile, also known as the pile of shame has been exponentially growing. I do TRY to keep on top of it by stripping, fixing, priming and basing any miniatures I acquire...but recently that's just not been enough.  It takes me about a day to paint a figure.... Continue Reading →

Why Oldhammer?

Why Oldhammer? - Old Man Paints I have been pretty busy lately on the miniatures front. It's somewhat frustrating really because it seems like, right now, when I should be focused on work, I am constantly thinking about miniatures. eBay and the trading pages of Facebook are flooded with a lot of good Oldhammer stuff... Continue Reading →

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