#oldorcsfinal – Entrants and Winners

Greetings Oldhammerers.
Here are the finished entrants for the #oldorcs 2020 completion.

I would like to thank each and every one of you who participated and shared, commented and supported.

Without further ado—–

The Winners are:

Third: Stresscrafter


Second: Niklas Philstrom

First: AsgardUK

Winner - Asgard UK

There were a few miniatures that I think deserve a special mention…they didn’t win….but they still merit acknowledgement for specifics.
Special Mentions to:

Special Mention
the best but …
andylohrenz colours
earthox minis contrast
Goblin keep realism
mechanicae freehand
Quarter paint techniques
Kelos Wiseman Shield
The Great Magneticone Backdrop
Randal Flag Minis Base

All winners and special mentions were picked by Phil. judged on the spirit of Oldhammer. There were so many good entrants it was almost impossible to choose.   I chose the winners that chimes with my ideals of oldhammer figures.  It wasn’t 100% about which miniature was painted the best.

Oldhammer Orc miniatures

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